Getting a little Thin?

When your hair starts thinning it can be a very frustrating time. Don't worry there are options for you and you deserve the best. When you come to us for hair replacement we are here for you from start to finish whether you come in for a consultation, just want to call with questions, or have booked your appointment for your system and are just nervous. Dont hesistate to call this is all completely normal.

This can be a very personal process. Some people don't care and want everyone to know how amazing it is. For others it might be something that only the people closest to you know. I have a completely private suite that has a blind so if privacy is what you need that it will be what you have. When you choose to book online, your first appointment will simply be a consultation where we can discuss what look you are hoping to achieve, we will do color matching , skin sensitivity test, order your system, as well as address any concerns you may have. The consultation is always free so what are you waiting for? When booking your first appointment please take a second to fill out the Hair Replacement Form, we will go over it at your consultation.