Its your first time ?

Hello and welcome! First I want to thank you for choosing The Paris Parlour, I know there are a million choices out there and I appreciate your business!  When you arrive we will go through a 10-15 minute consultation so we can be on the same page when it comes to your hair. It's your hair, you wear it and it is my top priority to make it look good and be easy to manage. A thorough consultation is the absolute key to making this happen. You are more than welcome to bring inspiration photos of  hair cuts and colors that you like, a few is always good that way we can mix it up to get your best look. I offer free beverages, phone charger if needed , light snacks and free Wi-Fi while you are here  so make yourself comfy.

~If you have made a color appointment with me please make sure to fill out the New Guest Color form . Also this is going to sound funny and it is but if you are scheduled for a color or other chemical service be honest about your hair history, you can lie to your friends, you can lie to your partner but if you lie to your colorist you might just walk out of the shop carrying your hair. In other words I want your hair to look amazing so help me help you, don't worry I never judge I just help you make a plan to get the hair you have always wanted! I will keep track of everything we do with your hair so there is no guessing next time. 

~ if you have scheduled a cut with me there is a New Guest  form for you to fill out, nothing crazy just a short hair history and  a list of things you like and dont. This will help your consultation go smoothly so we can get down to the reason your here. 

In the chair I will show you how to use any recommended product and teach you how to style your hair easily at home, I know for a guy the key to happiness is time and simplicity. In wrapping up your visit we will go over recommendations for at home hair care and styling maintenance and we can book your next appointment. 

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