What happens in the shop...

Shop Policies

There are not many rules for my shop, but just a few to keep it smooth.

  We are all human if you need to reschedule or cancel no worries. while  ultimately  I am doing this to make money I care about you and you are not just a dollar sign to me. I will see you when you are more easily able to make it in!

I do have a "No Show" Policy, we all forget things from time to time and thats okay, the first time you are a "no show" we can chalk it up to a mistake after that you will be charged 100% of your service price.

I  understand that bad days and bad moods happen, its my job to help you feel better after a hard day, but if you are a person that just likes to be nasty with others this probably isn't the right barber shop for you.


If you are ever unhappy with a service I have provided  let me know with in 7 days  so that I can get it right.  

All of my products and services are guaranteed, come back with in 7 days and  I will do an even exchange or full refund of any product purchased. 

Thank you again for choosing The Paris Parlour